Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Meeting Quota

Time is running out: two more nights in Doha.  The first two years I posted 21/22 blogs, and so I'm far behind now....I've got to meet quota somehow.

Here's a glimpse into the new Georgetown campus, where I spend my days.  Usually.  Mainly.  It's fab. Lots of eye candy in the building...Above you can see the corridor I traverse each morning.

I know, trying to catch up on blogging by posting multiple times back-to-back is like trying to floss your teeth numerous times before going to the dentist.

Which I do.

When the dentist's assistant asks me: "Have you been flossing?" I want to reply....

"Can't you tell by looking?  Why are you even asking me?"

Instead, I reply...


The Gtown building has some nice nooks for napping.  Not that I do.

I wish I had napped here!  Very womblike and calm.  I think wombs are calm, at least so far as I recall.

Lots of interior balconies, too.  Here I'm looking down at what I think is the main lobby by the front door, but I've never seen anyone use that door, as I think everyone comes up through the garage.

The garage, in fact, was the topic for one of my student's final presentations.  The topic?  Georgetown should allow students to park in the garage for reasons of equity, efficiency, safety, health and so forth.  Those ideas were pretty interesting, but the guy mainly just wanted to park in the garage, I think.  I seemed to sense rationalizations instead of arguments.

The class was split on this issue into two groups: those with cars, who believed the current policy was inequitable, inefficient, unsafe, and unhealthy; those without cars, who (I sense) thought the first group might just be lazy and, after all, couldn't the money be better spent on other things (that, coincidentally, were those things that appeared to benefit the car-less group).

I don't doubt that both groups were sincere, but it did look self-interest, not public spirit, determines arguments.  Yes, my students are human, too.

The view across the cafeteria towards the library.  Look in the upper right below the flags.  That room jutting out is a lounge area, with a pretty comfy bed.  A nap there is also on my list.  I might have to return next year.

The library is grander than my camera would allow.  It's also a good place to nap.

This is making me sleepy.  But I'll revive: I have more blogs to write!

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