Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day, oh, maybe 23: Seeing Clearly

Hello, Students!

That's right: you. The students in my Ethics class. I see you. I know you're reading this. Well, I don't really know that, but I'm guessing you are. Or were. Or will be. Or should be.

The cat pretty much leaped out of the bag (I'm hoping the phrase "leaping the bag" will become as popular, and as opaque, as the phrase "jumping the shark". Already, it's not that far behind, as Google gives 506,000 hits for shark and 449,000 for bag) when Hassan walks into class today, in previously noted black t-shirt, and says "Looks like its casual day for Muslims".


I mean, it's not like I was trying to hide my blog. Truth be told, and I plan to tell it, I think everyone in the universe should be reading it because of its wit and wisdom. And because I would become filthy rich if everyone read it. I would buy Google, and make my name the most popular search term. I would hire writers even wiser and wittier and more grammatically correct than me to write it, and I would pay them a pittance, and they would be grateful.

But, anyway, I didn't actually expect my students to find it or read it. Although it does make me think about posting the class readings here, so you read my blog and your assignments at the same time.

I just don't think I was seeing very clearly, in a sand got in my eye kind of way. In fact it was sandy today, or dusty, or particulaty. I'm blaming BP.

After my blushing stopped -- and, man was I redder than a bleeding Razorback dipped in cherry juice on Valentine's Day -- I had that Uh Oh moment: What had I written that would embarrass me or embarrass the class? After class I went back and reread everything (like I hadn't done that before). Hassan had no worries about my description of him -- perhaps he should hire me as his agent -- although I did worry a bit about the "casual day for Muslims" thing. Saying I lusted after the woman in the tight jeans was a bit dicey and, dammit, why did I bring that up again? A couple other lapses in good taste could be mentioned, if I were tasteless enough to mention them. Overall I think I'm in good shape, mainly because I didn't pick on anyone but myself.

That's a good thing. I don't like hypocrisy and malicious gossip, although I've no doubt done both. When I do, I do feel slimy. There are other feelings I'd much rather have. I'm only down with a couple of the seven deadly sins -- yeah, you can guess which ones (hint: anger ain't on the list) and I think those are downright virtuous compared to hypocrisy and gossip.

Speaking of anger: wow, when I read the comments on American political blogs, it's clear there is a lot of anger out there. Hey, you: If you're angry listen to this. Chill guaranteed.

Still, we all see things differently, some more clearly, some less. I do have proof of this. Check out the cool frames below, found at the Villagio Mall. I'm thinking of getting the white frames with the lavender lenses. I'd sure look different and, if I didn't see more clearly, I would more colorfully.

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