Monday, June 8, 2009

Future Chaptettes

Good afternoon....I've been down with a cold of late, and earlier I "pulled" a post at the advice of some friends here. So the blog has been silent. Ahh, fleeting life!

Some forthcoming chapters may include (feel free to send me a topic):

Qatar Couches: A pictorial tour.

Touring Qatar in 3 hours or less.


Markets of Fish and Fruit.


  1. The 'pulled chaptette' intrigues me...maybe the best things are written on the edge..where, well-meaning friends advise you that perhaps you have revealed too much or said the truth a bit too blatently, and there is always your professional reputation to consider as well as your personal safety in a foreign country....... Anyway, should you decide to share it again. I would love to read it. Lee Ann

  2. Hello, Lee Ann....Thanks. I'll mail it to you. A few readers in Qatar thought it might be a bit, um, controversial and so I removed it. It would be different if I was here to make political change, but I was just having fun, and I don't want to interfere with finishing the semester with my students. But it does give me food for thought regarding my ethics course....